Takin' it to the Streets

“Takin’ it to the Streets”

Traveling Workshop Series

The Redline Express is coming to a town near you!

“The Redline Express”

About “Takin’ it to the Streets”

The Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance (FBHA) is “Takin’ it to the Streets” to bring fire and EMS behavioral health workshops to a town near you! In 2019, FBHA will travel across the United States to bring greater awareness to Firefighters (FFs) and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) about behavioral health and suicide prevention and awareness. At the end of the series, we will have visited approximately 40 states and journeyed approximately 16,000 miles. It is our mission to visit FFs and EMTs where they are, offering impactful in-person training everywhere from small rural companies to large city departments. In these interactive workshops, attendees will be educated on how to recognize signs and symptoms of those in behavioral health distress. FBHA will work with sponsors and other donors to help defray the cost of expenses. Package pricing, including discounts,  are available.


First & Second Quarter Destinations


States include: AZ, NM, TX, OK, MO, AR, MS, AL, GA, SC, NC, VA, PA, KY, CA, OR

How does the trip work?

FBHA will be departing from AZ on February 7, 2019 to embark on our first Takin’ it to the Streets Tour. During the first & second quarters, we will be heading through the Southeast regions of AZ and NM, to through upper TX. After TX, we will head to MO then on to FL. We will spend some time in FL, then go to SC, NC and VA. If you are along the route, or close, we can stop and spend the day with your organization presenting a workshop(s). If you just want to say Hello and you’re on our route, let us know! We’ll swing by!

Stay tuned for future locations!

Workshops Offered & Pricing

Saving Those Who Save Others 4hr – $1,200
Saving Those Who Save Others 2hr – $600
Saving Those Who Save Others Family Edition – $600
Internal Size Up 4hr – $1,200
Internal Size Up 2hr – $600

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We are also offering a special workshop for your community
Keeping T.A.B.S. – Donation Requested


We have three options for expenses:
  • Flat rate charge of $500.00 for expenses based on 1-2 nights in your area. It is an additional $100 per day depending on the number of workshops and length of stay. Includes mileage, campsite, food, etc.
    Note: Average expenses for air, hotel, car, meals, parking, etc. is $700-$1,200 for a one day engagement.
  • Flat rate charge of $250.00 if you are within a 150 mile radius of our tour route and are able to host us in your parking lot for the night. We’d love to join you for dinner too. We’ll have a great time! (For one night, must be able to provide 30 amp electric and water.) An additional $100 per day if over one night.
  • Actual mileage, campsite, food, etc. Receipts will be provided with your invoice.

Don’t have the budget to host a workshop?

FBHA offers grants annually for organizations that do not have or have a small training budget. Please see our FBHA Grant page for more information and eligibility.

What People are Saying about FBHA Workshops

“Best workshop I have ever attended”

“Great presentation. Instructor really knows the material and makes it interesting.”

“Every firefighter and EMT should be required to attend this workshop!”

“Excellent presentation with an overview of the suicide problem in the fire service and what resources are available.”

“Learned a lot. Didn’t know there was such a problem with suicide in the fire service.”


About FBHA

Founded in 2011, FBHA is the only national organization that tracks and validates FF & EMT suicides. For more than seven years, we have been on the front lines, talking to thousands of FFs and EMTs. In addition, we have gained valuable insight by validating suicide reports through our confidential online reporting system. In 2017, the fire service had 93 FFs die in the Line of Duty (LODD) at 100% reporting. FBHA staff personally spoke to 111 Fire/EMS chiefs or family members, and estimate at 40-45% reporting. The information we have gathered helps us both honor those we have lost, while gaining better insight into the behavioral health challenges faced in the fire service. In our courses, we discuss issues such as depression, addictions, PTSD, and family relationships. The “Takin’ it to the Streets” training series will allow us to use the lessons learned from these untimely deaths for the betterment of the fire service by reaching more first responders than ever before.

About the Instructor

Jeff Dill is the founder of FBHA. He holds a Master’s Degree, is a licensed counselor, and is a retiree with 26 years in the fire service, most recently as Captain at the Palatine Rural Fire Protection District in Inverness, Illinois. He is a member of the American Counseling Association and the National Board of Certified Counselors.


Contact Us

For information on bringing “Takin’ it to the Streets” training to your area, contact Rachel Buczynski at (571) 969-7590 or email workshop@ffbha.org.







Sponsorships available! Click here —-> Sponsorship Sheet OR Contact Rachel Buczynski at (571) 969-7590 / rbuczynski@ffbha.org to find out how you can support our mission of reducing firefighter & EMS suicides.