Zoom Workshop - Evening

Saving Those Who Save Others

2 hours with Jeff Dill, founder of FBHA

An in-depth FF/EMT suicide prevention/awareness course designed to educate attendees on warning signs/symptoms, communications, emotional and physical behaviors, along with PTSD.

December 17, 2020

Zoom begins at 7:00pm CST

The cost for the workshop is $25.00

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About the speaker:

In 2009, founder Jeff Dill, organized Counseling Services for Fire Fighters. CSFF was established based on the tragic events that surrounded Hurricane Katrina. When speaking with firefighters who returned after serving the community of New Orleans, he heard the pleas of firefighters who had a difficult time talking with counselors who did not have any firefighting experience. They became frustrated and never did seek the help they needed. It was CSFF mission to offer behavioral health workshops to support firefighters, train senior officers and educate clinicians on the benefits of understanding the life and emotions of firefighters. On 12/31/14, CSFF donated all of their intellectual property to FBHA.

In 2011, Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance was organized based on the decreasing funds available for training at the Fire Department level and the staggering number of firefighter suicides. FBHA was established to directly educate firefighters/ Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel and their families about behavioral health issues such as depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety and addictions, as well as firefighter suicides. Through businesses, community support and sponsorships, it is our hope that the workshops and services will be offered at low cost or no charge to those in need.

Jeff holds a Master’s degree and is a Licensed Counselor. He is a retired Captain from Palatine Rural Fire Protection District in Inverness, Illinois and is a member of the American Counseling Association and National Board of Certified Counselors.