Suicide Reporting

Why We Collect Firefighter, EMS and Communication Specialist Suicide Data

In order for FBHA to serve the needs of  fire, EMS and Communication Specialist (also known as Dispatcher) families, the more information we gather on the person, suicide method, and catalysts that triggered the event, the better prepared we are for proactive training and prevention. With this information, we can provide a profile that helps identify at-risk firefighters, EMS and Dispatch personnel before the tragedy strikes.

We request that anyone having information on a these the deceased member, please contact FBHA by using the Confidential Suicide Reporting Form. We are mindful that some agencies prohibit the release of information by their departments, and that some family members may not be aware that there is a way to make notifications, we have developed a “blind form” that assists in providing anonymity for the submitting party. Once you submit this confidential form, it is transmitted to FBHA’s inbox, with the sender information removed. Since we have no means to contact the submitter, we appreciate as much information that you can provide. At a minimum, we require the agency’s name, state, gender, rank, years of service, date of death, how death occurred, and any stressors identified or suspected as being a catalyst. We would appreciate any additional information or details that can be provided in the comments area of the form.

It is FBHA’s policy not to release firefighter/EMT/CS or department specific information. We respect the privacy of the families and agencies involved. It is not our intention to cause any undue pain to families or agencies. Additionally, we do not release the specific case information to the media.


Jeff Dill
Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance

This form has been graciously given to FBHA to use from Robert E. Douglas, Jr. of the National P.O.L.I.C.E. Suicide Foundation.

Confidential Suicide Form

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