Giving Tuesday: An Open Letter to the Communities We Serve

L. Mauser

Hello, USA and Canada!

There are dozens of organizations you could chose to donate your hard-earned money to tomorrow on what is referred to as ‘Giving Tuesday.’ My fiancé Eric and I are as generous as possible every year on this day as a way to counteract the insanity of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You might say Giving Tuesday restores our faith in humanity just a little bit. If you’re somebody who is currently looking for a great foundation to give even a small donation, I highly suggest you start with Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance.

If your house catches on fire today, you want the fire department to show up, right? If you are in an automobile accident and seriously injured, you would want the fire department and EMS to show up and take care of you, huh? Exactly. That’s what we do; it’s a calling and we’re so glad to be able to help anyone in their time of need. What we do here at FBHA is help those in the fire service and EMS in their time of need. The better we feel, mentally and physically, the better we can come to your aid should you need to call 911 for an emergency. Should you choose FBHA for your Giving Tuesday charity, your donation would go a long way to help firefighters, EMTs, and Paramedics in your own community. Every 2.5 days according to current reporting statistics, we lose a firefighter or member of EMS to suicide in the US and Canada. We need your help to stop this trend.

We’re a foundation formed out of necessity and are working day and night to better understand firefighter/EMS suicide with the nation’s only reporting service and using the information we learn to prevent other suicides. Captain Dill, our founder, treks across the country giving fantastic workshops to fire departments about bettering our brother’s and sister’s mental health and we work shoulder to shoulder with those struggling, the families left behind after suicide, and with those who want to make sure they stay mentally fit. After losing my Dad, Captain Mike Mauser, to suicide in January of this year, I began working with FBHA and can tell you there’s no better place to entrust your donation than with us. My Father was a firm believer in using the best tools of the trade to fight fire and save lives, but unfortunately he didn’t know the strongest tool he could ever use: Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance.

Me & My Dad during a hose ops class he was teaching

Me & My Dad during a hose ops class he was teaching, three months before his death.

I thank you, from the depths of my heart, for considering FBHA for your Giving Tuesday donation. You can make your donation at any time by going to our website, From everyone here at the Alliance, we send you warm wishes for a lovely and safe holiday season.


Lauren Mauser, FBHA Fundraising Coordinator

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