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Guest post by a 9/11/01 Survivor, First Responder, Chandra Davis

9/11/01 Is a day of Remembrance. A day the Nation came together and a day the Nation should continue to come together and remember the events of 9/11/01.

Being one of many First Responders that answered the call to go to Ground Zero in September 2001 from Tennessee. We arrived a few days after the Towers had come down. We were assigned Tower 2. We had many duties, worked long hours, and met amazing people in New York.

I will always be in Remembrance of those that have paid the ultimate price. While we lost over 3,000 that day. Another roughly 2,000 Uniform and Non-Uniform have passed from 9/11 Ground Zero Related Cancers, Pulmonary Fibrosis, and other diseases. (Courtesy of Fealgood Foundation)

Ground Zero, The Pentagon, and Shanksville should all be in our thoughts and prayers always. Remember those lost and those who responded and answered the call and are still dying of 9/11 related conditions.

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